Stencil, Patterned, or "Rock" Application

Here are examples of a "rock" pattern overlay. This is a two part application where the first layer of colored concrete is applied to produce the grout lines. Afterwards, a paper stencil is applied on top of the existing coatings and a second colored concrete coating is applied to produce the "rock" pattern. Antiquing solution can be applied as well to produce a weathered look. A final application of a Xylene based clear sealer is then applied to add to the durability of the surface.

An Old English Cobblestone Pattern with Antiquing Application

A Flagstone Pattern with Antiquing Application


Other Available Patterns

basket weave
ashlar slate
mock herringbone
diamond tile
face brick
fish scale
jumbo brick
square tile
stacked bond
old english cobblestone
random blue stone
regal tile
running bond
rustic brick
large circle
cobble circle


Used for borders or edging walkways


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