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"Air Brushed" Concrete
Your concrete patio driveway, pool deck, etc is dirty, stained, and just plain boring. You are looking for a new look but resurfacing is too costly or not necessary since your concrete is in good shape. Give your concrete that new look with a colored resurfacing. Let us "air brush" your concrete to look like flagstone, cobblestone, or just about any pattern. We use a high quality colored concrete sealer that brings new life to boring concrete. Not a paint or stain, a colored sealer is applied to the surface, helping to protect it from the elements, giving it a new look with a single color or multicolored pattern.
Patterned or Stenciled Overlays
A Stencil Overlay installation is a top coat of concrete designed to give the appearance of natural stone, brick or tile. The grout coat is applied first, with the customer's selected pattern laid out on top. Then the final surface is applied, varying on texture, based upon the customer's request. The surface is very thin, usually less than 1/8th". The entire surface is sealed with either a clear or colored sealer depending upon the installation. The sealer bonds with the concrete creating a very hard shell. Installed surface strength ranges from 2500psi to 8000psi pending selection of product.
"Paver Saver" Paver Sealing System
You've paid thousands, even tens of thousands for that natural stone walkway, driveway, patio, etc. Don't let that newly installed look disappear. Save your pavers with the Paver Saver system. A solvent based clear sealer is applied to your natural stone to protect it from the elements. You get that beautiful, natural wet look, with a non-skid application, and protection from mold, mildew, oil, and rust.
Acid Stain
Acid staining installation can be performed on new or old concrete. The surface is cleaned and prepped. Acid is applied in the colors selected by the customer. After the desired effect is achieved, the surface is cleaned again to neutralize the acid and a clear sealer is applied. For a high gloss shine, the customer can select a high gloss sealer for added sheen.
Stamped Overlays
Stamped overlay installations are similar to patterned or stenciled installations in that they bouth use a thin overlay of concrete on top of an existing surface. Stamped overlays are usually between 1/4" to 3/8" thick, requiring more material to achieve the texture. Faux "grout lines" are usually thinner and tend to be more realistic. Advantages of stamped concrete are the added texture that can be applied to the surface. This capability allows for astonishing visual effects and imitation such as stamped "wood" installation. (Click here for wood installation)
Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is the most familiar form of decorative concrete. Stamped concrete is similar to stamped overlays whereas a textured rubber mat is used to add texture to concrete. The main difference is that stamped concrete is done during a new concrete pour. As the concrete is poured into the form (driveway, walkway, etc), the wet concrete is colored, troweled and stamped.
Vertical Wall Stamping
Vertical wall stamping takes the patterned and stamped overlays to new heights - literally. A specialized lightweight concrete is applied to either a concrete surface, or even drywall (Sheet Rock), up to 3" thick. Color is applied to the new concrete surface while wet. The stamping process starts by utilizing a rubber mold of the selected "rock" pattern and is repeated. This process provides for a much better installation than the typical cultured stone and is much less expensive and less time consuming than using real stone. The result is a beautiful wall, foundation, or fireplace mantle that has better durability and a more realistic look than cultured stone, that's only second to nature.
Faux Granite/Acid and Formica Countertop Overlays
We also offer a faux granite installation that makes for a great entranceway, basement, dining room, or even a resurface on Formica countertop. Yes we can - we can resurface your laminate countertop and provide a unique appearance, similar to a granite or acid concrete surface, over that old boring countertop. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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